Smart Illumination Yokohama is an international art event which started following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. The event is held in an effort to create the nightscape of Yokohama for the new era by integrating energy conservation and art.
Based on this objective, Smart Illumination Award aims to discover talented creators who design nightscape of the future. There is no limitation as to the form of works as long as the they involve light. We look forward to receiving aspiring works that propose lighting concepts and nightscape concepts suitable for the era of environmentally-friendlly technology.

 Announcement of Result 

  1. Submission Period: Thursday, June 1st to Monday, July 31st.
  2. *Application has been closed

  3. Preliminary screening : Scheduled to be conducted in early August
    *Preliminary screening : Scheduled to be conducted in early August

*Below schedule is for the qualifiers of the initial screening.

  1. Briefing at the site : Friday, August 18th or Saturday, August 19th * Qualifiers may
  2. Drawing submission deadline: Wednesday, September 20th
  3. Installation briefing: Friday, October 13th or Saturday, October 14th *Qualifiers may
  4. Unloading and Installation: Tuesday, October 31st between 10am to 10:30pm and Wednesday, November 1st between 10am to 2pm
  5. Exhibition period: Wednesday, November 1st to Sunday, November 5th
  6. Final selection: Sunday, November 5th
Submission Categories
A. Indoor booth exhibition (individual and group) category up to 30 individuals/groups
Art works and ddroducts involving light will be exhibited at booths (a booth size is H2.4m×W2.0m×D2.0m) in a tent.
Exhibition fee: 30,000 yen
B. Outdoor exhibition (individual and groudd) category
Light art works will be exhibited at Zo-No-Hana Park.
Exhibition fee: 10,000 yen
C. Outdoor exhibition (school) category
Groudd exhibition by universities, technical schools, laboratories, etc.
Exhibition fee: 50,000 yen

*Exhibition fee will incur at the time of the exhibition after the preliminary screening. Submission is for free.

What We Look For

Art works and products which propose the light for the new era and promote energy conservation, based on the concept of Smart Illumination Yokohama.

Exhibition Location

Please specify the preferred exhibition location.

Exhibition Map

* Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your preferred location due to the venue restriction.


*Application has been closed

1) Fill in the applicant information in the preliminary entry form.

2) Fill in the pre-issued “ID” in the application form (5 pages) printed on A4 size paper and send it to the organizer by postal mail.

Submission Items

Five-page submission application (A~E)

A.Applicant information / B. Applicant biography / C. Past works / D. Description of work / E. Images of work, etc.

Please download the application from below link.



* Please print in A4 size.

Send To

Smart Illumination Award 2017 Organizer (JDN Inc.)
5-3-4-4F, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005

Grand Prize (one winner)
300,000 yen in case prize and award certificate
Invitation to the next year's Smart Illumination Yokohama as a guest artist.
(if Smart Illumination Yokohama 2018 is held)
Award of Excellence (three winners)
Award certificate

*Works of all qualifiers of the preliminary screening will be exhibited at Smart Illumination Yokohama
*For the grand prize, we will select the most outstanding work from all works and grant the award.
*For the award of excellence, we will select an outstanding work from each category and grant the award.
* The winners of the grand prize and the award of excellence will be posted on the competition information website“Toryu-Mon”

Support provided for exhibitors from overseas *Maximum of three exhibitors

We will provide support described below to exhibitors who reside overseas (as of October 2017).

  1. 1. Travel expense: Up to 100,000 yen
  2. 2. Arrange hotel reservation
    The organizer will find hotels and make reservations for the period of setup through removal of works on behalf of overseas exhibitors.
    *Please note that exhibitors will be responsible for the hotel expense.
  3. 3. Exemption of exhibition fee

[ NOTE ]
Exhibitors must be able to speak either Japanese or English. Exhibitors will be responsible for transporting their works.

Judges( in the order of Japanese syllabary)
  • Tsutomu Okada (Art Director, Smart Illumination Yokohama 2017)

    Tsutomu kada

    Born in 1963. Joined Wacoal Art Center in 1988. Mr. Okada is the senior curator of Spiral, a complex of cultural facilities run by Wacoal Art Center.
    He is in charge of organizing contemporary art exhibitions at Spiral, as well as producing exhibitions and public art projects for other facilities. He served as the curator of official art program for Expo Aichi 2005.
    In addition, he has assumed the role of the art director of Zou-no-hana-terrace, an art space of Yokohama since 2009.

  • Naoyuki Kuniyoshi (Chairman, Smart Illumination Yokohama Executive Committee)

    Naoyuki Kuniyoshi

    Special Contract Professor at Yokohama City University. Focusing on creating community centric city, Mr. Kuniyoshi joined Yokohama city government in 1971.
    He was involved in launching the urban design team and had worked in Yokohama Urban Design Office for 40 years to promote urban design of Yokohama. After serving as the Director of Urban Design Office, he now takes on the position of Executive Urban Designer.

  • Masao Koizumi (Partner at Koizumi Atelier / Professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Dr. Eng.)

    Masao Koizumi

    Major Works in Yokohama: ZOU-NO-HANA Park & Terrace (2009) / ENEOS SOENE House (2009) / Koganecho New Studio Site-D (2011) / Konan Ward synthesis Government building (2017) Kotobuki Welfare Center and municipal housing are expected to be completed in March 2019.

  • Yasuharu Shimoda (Head of Climate Change Policy Headquarters)

    Yasuharu Shimoda

    As the person in charge of MINATOMIRAI 21 in Urban Planning Bureau, Mr. Shimoda was involved in developing PACIFICO Yokohama, an international convention center.
    After assuming the roles of planning budget in Finance Bureau, establishing the city's comprehensive plan and mid-term plan in the Planning Bureau, and building the organizational structure in General Affairs Bureau, he now promotes economic policies and economic revitalization programs as countermeasures against events such as 2008 financial crisis and 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.
    Since 2011, he has served as Director for SME promotion department atEconomic Affairs Bureau, Director of policy department at PolicyBureau and Deputy Chief of Economic Affairs Bureau. He assumed his current position in April 2017.

  • Kyota Takahashi (Artist)

    Kyota Takahashi

    Born in 1970 in Kyoto. He attended Graduate School of Arts at Kyoto City University of Arts and completed his study in sculpture in 1995.
    His activities include public projection projects using light and images, installation and performances. He creates dynamic and formative works involving images and light in his lighting projects for large-scale buildings such as Nijo Castle in Kyoto and Towada Art Center in. He also works on various large-scale and interactive art projects including “Hikari no mi” which is created in collaboration with a number of people.

  • Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER)

    isuke Tachikawa

    CEO of NOSIGNER. Guest Associate Professor at Keio University's Graduate School of System Design and Management. Mr. Tachikawa strives to produce social design innovation (design that brings positive changes to the future) and works on comprehensive design strategies with the concept of designing things the eyes can't see. His approach in which he leverages his deep insight in design such as architecture and graphic products is highly recognized worldwide and he has received more than 50 awards at major design competitions in Japan and overseas, including Good Design Gold Award and Design for Asia Grand Award (Hong Kong). Furthermore, just 40 hours after the East Japan Great Earthquake, he launched WIKI “OLIVE”, a platform where people can share helpful designs at time of disasters. Through this effort, he spread the concept of open design which can be utilized at the time of disasters. This has led him to the art direction (in cooperation with Dentsu) of Tokyo Bousai (“Disaster Preparedness Tokyo”) booklet, for which more than 7.8 million copies were issued.

  • Kozue Nakayama (Head of Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yokohama)

    Kozue Nakayama

    Joined Nissan Motor Company Ltd. in 1982. Ms. Nakayama assumed the role of Director of Planning Management Department, Head of Brand Management Office, Deputy Director of Brand Coordination Division. After taking the role of Office Director of Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yokohama in 2011, she has assumed the current position in 2012.

  • Kaoru Mochizuki (Deputy Editor of "Bijutsu Techo" Monthly Magazine)

    Kaoru Mochizuki

    Graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts. Before the current position, she worked at editorial department of "ART iT". Major stories she worked on in the past include "Makoto Aida", "Trip of Art", "Hiroshi Sugimoto", "Architects who don't build and the future to reconnect", "Naoki Urasawa" and "Shunga".

Screening Criteria
  • Whether the work proposes the light for the new era and promote energy conservation, based on the concept of Smart Illumination Yokohama.
  • Whether the work demonstrates artistic quality and originality
  • Whether new environmental-friendly technologies (such as LED/Organic EL/Solar power generation/Power storage) is effectively used
Announcement of Result

The result will be announced on the official website Smart Illumination Award 2017 (this page) and Competition information website “Toryu-Mon” in mid-November 2017.

Terms and Condition for Submission
For all categories
The work must propose the ddght for the new era and promote energy conservation, based on the concept of Smart Illumination Yokohama.
The forms of expression such as installation, media art, landscape design, product, and interactive exhibition are not restricted.
The work must stand on its own or with weights.
* The work must not be installed on existing faciddties such as fence, posts or ddghts, mounted/ fixed on the wall of system panel within the booth, or set up the foundation or anchor on the paved surface or ground. The work must not deface or damage the faciddty. If any damages are caused, the exhibitor will be responsible for the timely restoration to the original state.
Each exhibitor will be responsible for the production, installation, removal, and operation of his/her own work as well as overseeing the work during the exhibition.
If the work makes any sound, it must not disturb the works of others. Further, the volume must be at a level where it will not be heard outside the tent/park.
The installation location will be determined after discussion with the organizer. Exhibitors may be asked to change the plan due to security reasons, laws, or other circumstances such as faciddty management.
The event host will assume no responsibiddty for any accident or damage caused to the work during the exhibition.
The competition is open to all nationaddties and ages
Exhibitors must attend the briefing at the exhibition site on the specified date.
A. Indoor booth exhibition (individual and group) category
The size of an indoor exhibition booth is H2.4m×W2.0m×D2.0m and each booth has one electrical outlet (maximum is 3 ampere).
* The floor material is interlocking
B. Outdoor exhibition (individual and group) category / C. Outdoor exhibition (school) category
The work must be waterproof and suitable for outdoor exhibition. Measures must be taken against electrical leakage and wind.
Provisions Regarding the Rights of Works Submitted
  • While the copyright belongs to the exhibitor, Smart Illumination Yokohama Executive Committee has the usage right of the copyright in connection with the PR for Smart Illumination Yokohama in print or on website.
  • The applicants' personal information will be used for the process of accepting submission, inquiries, notification of screening results, returning the documents and works, other matters related to the operation of the competition and notification of competitions in the future.
  • The name, age, and background of the winners as well as the images of their works will be disclosed in print media, website, and to mass media. In principle, the applicants' personal information will not be used or disclosed to any third party without their consent except in cases where usage/disclosure is permitted by law, for purposes other than above.
  • All applicants must ensure in advance that their works do not infringe copyright or intellectual property right of any third party and required copyright license is obtained.
  • The work must be the applicant's original work which has not been previously released in Japan or overseas.
  • For handling of personal information, please refer to the privacy policy of the event host and organizer, JDN Inc.
  • he cash prize will be paid after deducting the tax including the withholding tax and special reconstruction income tax
  • The work will be disqualified in case any acts promoting the activities of antisocial forces are evident. If such acts are revealed after awarding the prize, the prize will be withdrawn without a demand. Further, the organizer or event hosts will not be liable to any damages caused.

Smart Illumination Yokohama Executive Committee

  • City of Yokohama

Smart Illumination Award 2017 Organizer (JDN Inc.)

City of YokohamaCultural Affairs Government of Japan Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017