Application Requirements and Methods

Q:Why is there an age limit on the application?

A:Since there is a possibility that we will order Digimon card illustrations for the winners, we are limiting this contest to adults only.

Q:Is it possible to apply as a group? If so, is there a limit to the number of applicants?

A:Group applications are not accepted.

Q:Can I send my work by email?

A:No, we will only accept submissions via the artwork submission form. Entries submitted through other means will not be accepted.

Q:I want to send my work by mail, where should I send it?

A:Please note that we can only accept submissions via the entry form, not via mail or courier. If you have created your work using analog art materials, please convert your illustration into data using a scanner, etc., and submit it via the entry form.

Q:I'm Japanese, but I live in the Unite States of America. Should I submit the application form in Japanese or English?

A:You can apply from either.

Q:I get an error when uploading to the application form.

A:Please make sure that your work meets the entry requirements. The size of the file must be 1450 pixels (W) x 2000 pixels (H), the file size must not exceed 10 MB, and the data format must be JPEG or PNG files. Also, if there is a delay between the time you start filling out the application form and the time you send it, an error may occur. If the error persists, please contact the secretariat.

About the work

Q:Can I submit an illustration that I drew several years ago?

A:If the illustration has not yet been published, it can be submitted. If you have not yet published the illustration, you can submit it.

Q:Can I apply for the contest if I have posted my work on social networking sites or illustration sites?

A:The work must be unpublished. Works that are identical to those that have been published in some way (seen by many people), such as on a website, SNS, or blog, cannot be submitted.

Q:Can I draw another Digimon in addition to the Digimon to be entered in the contest together in the illustration?

A:If you draw the illustration in such a way that anyone can see which is the main Digimon in the illustration, you may add a non-pre-selected Digimon. In such a case, the Digimon must be the Digimon that is listed in the "Digimon Encyclopedia" of "DIGIMONWEB" as of 23:59 on October 31 .
* The Digimon Encyclopedia is only available in Japanese.

「Digimon Encyclopedia」https://digimon.net/reference/

Q:The entry rules say, "A maximum of three works per person. Is the number of entries I choose fixed for all three?

A:As long as it is a target Digimon, it can be a different Digimon from all three works.

Q:Can I also draw the Digimon partners (people) from the anime?

A:It is prohibited to draw people in the illustration, including your partner's character.

Q:Can I change the colors of the Digimon I draw in my illustrations?

A:The color scheme should be based on the color scheme of " Digimon Encyclopedia ". Works that are clearly different from the color scheme in the Digimon Encyclopedia may not be judged.

Q:I want to draw an illustration with a horizontal composition. Can I rotate the height and width of the size?

A:Please create illustrations that fit the specified size. As the prize-winning work is intended to be made into a card, please create a vertical illustration that fits this purpose.

Q:I would like to create illustrations by hand, can you accept them?

A:Hand-drawn illustrations can also be submitted.If you wish to submit hand-drawn illustrations, please use a scanner or camera to convert them into an image, make them the specified size, and submit them via the application form.We do not accept submissions by mail.

Q:What kind of art materials should I use for handwriting?

A:There are no restrictions on art materials as long as you submit the final data.

Q:Can I submit images of three-dimensional works?

A:Yes, it is possible. Please take a picture of your three-dimensional work, adjust the image to the specified size, and submit it using the application form.

Q:Can I write my signature in the corner of the illustration so that people will know that I drew it?

A:For the sake of fairness, the names of the applicants will be withheld during the screening process. Please do not write your own name or signature.

Q:I would like to send explanatory materials and supplementary materials as well.

A:Information about the illustration should be summarized in the concept section of the application form.No other materials will be accepted.

Q:I'm not sure if my application has been submitted. How can I be sure?

A:After your application is complete, we will send an automatic reply email to the email address you registered on the application form. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes of completing your application, it may be because it is in your spam folder, you have rejected the email, or you have registered an incorrect email address. Please contact us so that we can check the status of your application.

After applying

Q:Can I post my work on my own social networking site after I submit it?

A:The term "unpublished" in the entry rules includes the screening period. Please do not publish your entries.

Q:What should I do if I want to modify or replace my submitted work?

A:No substitutions will be accepted. Please check your work carefully before submission.

Q:My contact information has changed since I applied. What should I do?

A:Please send an e-mail to the Secretariat's e-mail address to that effect.