Pre-selected Digimon

『Scene of Digimon’s Unique Personality or Characteristics』

Illustrations that express the "Scene of Digimon’s Unique Personality or Characteristics"
that conveys the appeal of the Digimon to be entered and the appeal of the Digimon worldview.




Level Rookie Type Reptile
Attribute Vaccine Special Move Pepper Breath

A Reptile Digimon that’s developed the ability to walk on two legs, similar in appearance to a tiny dinosaur. Since Agumon isn’t fully matured, it lacks strength, but its fierce disposition makes it reckless. Hard, sharp claws grow from its limbs, and Agumon makes full use of them in battle. Agumon shows much potential, promising Digivolution into a great and powerful Digimon. Its special move is Pepper Breath, by which it spits flames at its foes.



Level Rookie Type Mini Dragon
Attribute Free Special Move Boom Boom Punch /
Veemon Headbutt

Veemon is a new type of Digimon only recently discovered. It is a surviving member of a species that once thrived in the dawn of the Digital World. This allows it to use Digi-Eggs to perform a type of pseudo-Digivolution known as Armor Digivolution. Of all its peers, Veemon is among the best Combat Species. It possesses a hidden power, and uses Armor Digivolution to bring out its explosive abilities. Though a troublemaker and a prankster by nature, Veemon also has a strong sense of justice. Veemon uses its signature move Boom Boom Punch to spin both arms and strike its opponent. It uses its special move Veemon Headbutt to knock out foes with a powerful headbutt.



Level Champion Type Mollusk
Attribute Data Special Move Physalist /
Punishment Nettle
Vortex Sprite

The Champion form of Jellymon, matured by absorbing combat sport data such as steel cage matches in pursuit of thrills and enjoyment. Its electric techniques have grown even stronger, and many of the techniques TeslaJellymon unleashes in melee combat apply either karate or pro wrestling moves. It makes use of its body’s lightness to sidestep enemy attacks with ease.
TeslaJellymon uses its special move Physalist to strike vital spots with electricity charged in its palms. It also punishes foes with Punishment Nettle, electrocuting them with the high-voltage bands extending from its body, or Vortex Sprite to electrify its body for a spinning tackle.



Level Champion Type Beast Man
Attribute Vaccine Special Move Jive /
Break-in Stream

The Champion form of Angoramon, having untangled the long, soft hair coiled around its body in pursuit of instantaneous action. SymbareAngoramon has lost the defense of the cushiony hair covering its body, but has gained agility of movement. Pursuing beauty in its movement and conduct, it fends off enemy attacks in battle as if performing a dance, then follows up with its own attacks.
SymbareAngoramon uses its special move Jive to unleash a volley of quick kicks from a one-legged stance, Render to spin its body and cut the enemy to shreds with its sharp eartips, and Break-in Stream to unleash an even more powerful tornado from its ears. Even while using these techniques, it still continues its pursuit of beauty.



Level Champion Type Abnormal
Attribute Virus Special Move Poop

A nasty Digimon in the shape of a glittering piece of golden poop. Sukamon was born from the accumulation and mutation of data scraps thrown away in the trash can of a computer desktop. It loves dark places and, much like Numemon, it is disliked by other Digimon due to its data scrap origins. Its intelligence and attack power are both nonexistent. Sukamon’s small rodent partner Chuumon can’t fight, but is as crafty as they come, and always entices SukamonSukamon into doing wicked deeds.



Level Ultimate Type Dark Angel
Attribute Virus Special Move Darkness Wave /

A feminine Dark Angel Digimon with a noble presence. LadyDevimon’s Dark Side Power is strong, pure, and without equal. There are almost no instances of one of these Digimon being fully raised on a personal computer. Its special move Darkness Wave releases countless flying batlike creatures at the opponent to burn them to a crisp. Its other special move Poison converts the opponent’s power into dark energy, annihilating the foe from within. The stronger the opponent’s power, the more devastating this technique becomes.



Level Mega Type Dragon Man
Attribute Vaccine Special Move Terra Force /
Great Tornado

The strongest dragon warrior wearing armor crafted from the ultra-metal Chrome Digizoid, WarGreymon is the ultimate form of the Greymon species. It sports a more humanoid physique than the typical large bodies of other Greymon types, but possesses vastly improved power and speed. It may be impossible to defeat with the attacks of Ultimate-level Digimon. The Dramon Killer attached to each of WarGreymon’s arms deal massive damage to members of the Dramon-species Digimon, but also expose WarGreymon to danger, making them double-edged swords. WarGreymon can also combine the exoskeleton parts on its back to form the hardest of shields, Brave Shield. It is said that even among the most battle-hardened of veterans, it is only when one of true valor realizes its own destiny that it Digivolves into a WarGreymon. WarGreymon’s special move is the super dense, high temperature energy beam Terra Force, by which it concentrates all the energy in the atmosphere into a single point before blasting it forward. It also uses Great Tornado to join the Dramon Killer on its arms above its head to perform a spinning, high-speed charge that pierces the enemy.


Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode

Level Mega Type Ancient Dragon
Attribute Free Special Move Megadeath

A Mega Ancient Dragon Digimon that has existed since ancient times. It is clearly distinguishable from other Digimon. Imperialdramon is called “Dragon Mode” here, but it also has a humanoid “Fighter Mode” that releases its full power. The latter form, however, has yet to be seen. Its awesome strength is extremely difficult to control, and has the potential to either save or end the world. Imperialdramon uses its special move Megadeath to fire high-density dark matter that swallows everything into dark space. This fearsome move will completely wipe out everything within a several hundred meter radius from the point of impact.