About Application

Q.When is the deadline for the application?
A.23:00, Thursday, May 16th(JST)
※If your entry is late due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact our office.
Q.I would like to change my registration information because I made a mistake.
A.Since the system doesn’t accept any changes, please make sure the entry information is correct beforehand.
Q.Does the completion date mean the date construction was completed or the opening date?
A.It is the day when the space started the operation.
Q.Can I submit elevation drawings if it is difficult to present only by plan view drawings due to the structure of the work?
A.The supplementary material of plan views and elevation views could be submitted as long as the images submitted are up to 5 photos.
Q. Can I register 1 photo file containing multiple photos?
A.Multiple photos in one image file is allowed as long as the image file is within the pixel defined.
Q.Can I display texts on the photo?
A. It is prohibited to add or edit texts on the work’s photo. Titles and captions that do not affect the work itself are allowed.
Q.The guideline defines "Landscape picture: width 800 pixels × height 600 pixels or less and Portrait: Width 450 pixels × height 600 pixels or less" Can I use different proportions of photos such as width 800 pixels × height 300 pixels?
A.Yes, you can.
Q.How should I enter on the application if many people are involved and there is not enough space?
A.Please enter the names to fit in the section of the form or the name of the representative.

Inquiries about entry

Kukan Design Award office (Inside JDN office)


※Office hours Weekday 10:00 - 17:00(JST)