Application deadline is extended to 10am on Monday, 20th May,
due to delay in application affected by long holidays in Japan

Award Categories
(11 categories)

    Group A

  • 1.Exhibition, Promotional space
  • Exposition, Convention, Trade show, Event, Promotion campaign and others

  • 2.Show window & visual design space
  • Show window, In-store display, Advertisement, Point of purchase advertisement, Signage, Graphic display and others

  • 3.Entertainment & Creative/ Art space
  • Communication space with movie or lighting design, Interactive art, Installation, Monument, Object, Botanical display, Parade, Attraction, Stage direction and others

    Group B

  • 4.Shop space
  • Retail store, Apparel store, Specialty store, Show room, Deli/ Food store and others

  • 5.Food space
  • Restaurant, Café, Bar, Japanese restaurant, Food court and others

  • 6.Large retail shopping mall or Multiple retail space
  • Shopping center, Department store, Mall, Outlet store, Stores in station, Entertainment complex, Cinema complex and others

  • 7.Service/ Hospitality space
  • Hotel, Inn, Resort environment, Wedding space, Ceremony hall, Spa/ Beauty salon, fitness club and others

    Group C

  • 8.Museum/ Cultural space
  • Museum, Science museum, Art museum, Archive center, Culture hall, Cultural exchange space, Theater, Concert hall and others

  • 9.Public welfare/ Communication space
  • Sport training facility, Hospital, Clinic, School, Preschool, welfare facility, Factory, Storage, Religious facility, Station building, Airport facility, Library, Hall, Town hall and others

  • 10.Office Space
  • Office, Workspace, Studio, Lobby, Entrance, Meeting room and others

  • 11.Living Space
  • House, Housing complex, Public space of housing complex, Model room, Shared house, Service apartment

Application Method

Application has been closed

Entry fees
  • 1 work/ Entry from oversea:24,000 JPY + Consumption tax
  • 1 work/ Entry + Supplementary video from oversea:30,000 JPY + Consumption tax

The entry fee is payable by credit card (VISA · Master · JCB) .